In 2015, Yves Delorme celebrates a family passion for textile which lasts for 170 years and shares it with the public.

On the occasion of this anniversary, we organize a Roadtrip around Europe called “The Linen Road”.

The Linen Road is the echo of the Silk Road, of dreamers of far-away lands, of adventurers in search for excellence and who, ages ago, wandered along these roads in search of the ultimate fabrics.

It is also the joyous memory of these pioneers of our brand who ventured out to conquer the West and who discovered a unique market in which to offer a new vision of the French luxury lifestyle. It is also those who journeyed towards the Oriental lands of the rising sun towards new cultures to sustainably establish the brand in local markets, eager for French luxury products.

The Linen Road is also to weave together all of the individuals of the group; manufacturers, studios, corporate offices, boutiques… in the seven European countries that we will cross and then showcase on this blog, “The Linen Road.”

The Linen Road is in sum, the desire to share our love for beautiful linens, our savoir-faire and our Yves Delorme spirit.

From Paris to Barcelona, via London, Antwerp, Munich, Strasbourg, Cannes, Saint Tropez… we will cross twenty-four cities to come your way. This journey through Europa will be realized with an Airstream which will welcome you and allow you to live a new sensorial experience and discover our love of fine Linen

The Airstream

Airstream is mythic caravan with an aluminium structure and rounded shapes. Imagined and created seventy years ago by The American Wally BIAM. It’s a real item with timeless design; it is an emblematic figure of the American dream