For nearly two months we have been travelling through France and its neighboring countries to meet up with you and share in our love of fine linen.

Our airstream was a wonderful success, people were very curious and took many photographs. Our trip lasted 56 days and we crossed 5 countries, stopping in 21 cities totaling more than 7,000 km overall!  What an amazing road trip!  Everywhere we went we received a warm welcome.  Seeing the wonder and curiosity of the passers-by was truly incredible and we were so proud to be part of this adventure.  Even the press and public dignitaries came to the airstream and learned about the Yves Delorme history, the brand and the beautiful and luxurious bed linen in which you can dream and travel.

We will definitively miss the beeping and the waving when we were travelling aboard our airstream.  As for the soundtrack, which was played repeatedly every 4 minutes I am not sure if we will miss it!  It was a truly exceptional adventure that will stay in our minds for a long time, and hopefully in yours also.

We wanted to thank everyone for their participation into this project, you made it so beautiful.  A personal thank you to all the shops and their teams for all their help and wonderful welcome.  Thank you for visiting us in each town where we stopped and for those who couldn’t meet us but followed us through the blog and social networks.

Thank you to the internal teams at Fremaux-Delorme who helped us prepare this epic journey.  Thanks also to all our partners: Madame Figaro, le Fil Rouge and of course the agency Aistream-event especially Samuel de Pierpont for his amazing driving!


Elise, Anne-Charlotte, Rémi & Justine