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It is when walking on the jetty in Knokke that we came across a poster of an exhibition with a super hero.

Our interest was sparked and since it was raining and the exhibition free, we decided to go and have a look at it.
We visited the first part and it was like landing in a totally different planet, Hercules, Superman, Tintin and other characters were there in a sort of comical situations. The cartoonists were playing on anecdotes, amplifying the faults of these great heroes to make them a little more human and make us laugh.

The second part was reflecting on current fact based on social issues. Caricatures and others cartoons were pointing out problems and situations which are central in the press and the news: freedom, wars, religions, social media…

Great exposition and very well done. Open to everyone and translated in 3 languages:
Flemish, English and French. We came out happy, the sun was back. An unexpected real find. Fun guaranteed for everyone!