Our next stopover is Saint-Tropez where you will find us at Place Alfonse Celli on Wednesday 19 August from 4 til 6:30pm and on Thursday 20 August from 9:30am til 1pm.

This charming coastal town was very popular with artists and attracted the international jet-set in the 1960s and it still is renowned for its beaches and nightlife.  For many people Saint-Tropez, or Saint-Trop as the French call it, is synonymous with Brigitte Bardot.  If you have not yet come to visit here are some suggestions of what to do and where to be seen to enjoy your weekend get away or your holidays.

Saint-Tropez by boat

Renting a boat is one of the most elegant options to discover Saint-Tropez and its stunning coast.  The wooded, rocky St Tropez peninsula is spectacular with the views across the sea to the Maures mountains being particularly outstanding. You will pass by the Pampelonne beach and the many celebrities’ homes, discovering along the way beautiful coves where you can stop for a dip in the sea.  Pure bliss!

The Gendarmerie Police Station

In the sixties a film called Le Gendarme de Saint-Tropez with the comic actor Louis de Funes made Saint-Tropez even more popular with tourists.  The gendarmerie police station, which served as the backdrop for the film, became very famous and is now a key location in the town.  Abandoned for years, the building will soon experience a second lease of life by becoming a museum.

A stroll in the old town and Marina

The best way to discover the town is on foot.  Go through the meandering streets of the old town and out onto the central Place des Lices in the heart of St-Tropez, it is delightful detour. When the Place is clear you can see how its 100-year old trees divide it into seven long arcades and create an overlapping canopy of dappled sunlight.

On non-market days boule players start gathering into small groups early in the morning and play until the small hours of the following morning. Every Tuesday and Saturday from 8am-1pm, they make their way to the open-air market.

The Marina is where the mega rich yachts gather, the atmosphere is very cosmopolite: Russian, Brazilian, Chinese, American and European.  Follow them onto Le Club 55 on Pampelonne Beach or at The Byblos hotel’s Les Caves du Roy nightclub.  Later leave the bling for the great citadel up on top and the onward walk to the unsung Graniers beach a little further along the coastal path.

L’acacia: Fine dining in sumptuous surroundings

If you want to enjoy a fantastic gourmet meal with a panoramic terrace, then L’Acacia is the place to go, undoubtedly one of Saint-Tropez’s best addresses.  It is the perfect venue for a romantic dinner for two or with friends. Staff here is very friendly and will satisfy your every whim.  L’Acacia serves refined and creative Mediterranean-style cuisine in a truly exceptional ambiance. Dishes are absolutely divine and the restaurant’s vast terrace offers sweeping views over the beaches of Pampelonne.  A culinary delight is guaranteed!

A cultural break

The Annonciade Museum (one of the finest small museums in France) reminds us that the village of Saint-Tropez has been one of the most active centre of “avant-garde” painting at the beginning of the 20th Century.

The collection on show ranges from 1890 to 1950 and is both of surprisingly high standard and homogeneity.  Today, this little museum houses an impressive collection of paintings by neo-impressionist artists: Signac, Marquet, Derain, Matisse.

The museum celebrates its 60th anniversary this year.  On this occasion 3 exhibitions will extend until October 2015.  One of the exhibitions is historic and dates back to the founding of Saint-Tropez.  There will also be an open air cinema and various other exhibitions to satisfy your curiosity.

The Yves Delorme Boutique

The Yves Delorme shop is located at Traverse Marbrier.  We are open all summer from Monday to Saturday, 9am to 1pm and 3 to 8pm.  You will find our superb collection of bed linen, soft and luxurious towels, opulent tablecloths and all kind of beautiful accessories for your bed, bathroom and table. All of course made in France, it goes without saying!