Following the Thread of Creation Across Inspirations

The brand Yves Delorme, since the beginning of its journey has been inclined towards creation, a passion for products, as well as for poetry and amazement.

Beginning of course with Mr. Yves Delorme, the original designer of the brand who first collaborated with couturiers such as Pierre Cardin in the 70s, in particular in the domain of bath linens… always influenced by research for perfection, colour and form for the bathrobe.
Later, with the merger Fremaux Delorme, he passed the torch on to Mme Évelyne Julienne, designer in interiors, jewelry and art de la table. Évelyne became the inspiration and creation of the new brand Yves Delorme for over 20 years.

Her marvelous hand guided us through the most magnificent gardens, and encouraged us to dream of exotic and far-away destinations. She left the mark of her style, gentle and poetic, while weaving these seasonal tales that, bit by bit were diffused across the globe in France and Europe, The United States, Japan, Russia and Australia.

Évelyne, now desiring to fully dedicate herself to her artistic vocation, will now pass the torch onward to Mme Laurence Rouet, while inspiring her with her passion, her love for well-elaborated products and for the creative process. Laurence knows quite well the world of home lifestyle, having collaborated at length with Fremaux Delorme through the licensee, Kenzo.
Laurence will trace her contemporary journey certainly differently, reinforced by the two years spent with Évelyne, and while lending her eye for fashion and her personal engagement!


The Haubourdin factory.
The Haubourdin factory, in the North of France, near Lille, is specialised in the making-up and the fi nishing of the bed linen.

A hundred people prepare, cut, sew, embroider and fold pillowcases, sheets, duvet covers, bed covers, etc. and control the quality that is demanded by our customers

The Belmont Factory
The Belmont factory, which specialise in wearing toweling, are situated in the centre of France, near Roanne. Wearing is carried out in a modern factory with 20 machines which ensure the production of our jacquard toweling.

Packaging and quality control are carried out at Roanne. About 40 specialists are involved in the manufacture, from mastering the weave to making the final product according to its particular design.