We will be based in Place Maurice Bouchet in Cavaillon on Friday 21 August from 10am til 4pm.  So please do join us to visit the airstream!

Cavaillon has a rich cultural heritage and it is a favorite destination for French, British and American visitors because of the pleasant and picturesque towns and hilltop villages around.  Many festivals are held in the region and the most known internationally is the history of the Luberon Vaudois (The Luberon Vaudois are people of South of France that belong to the Waldensian Church that followed the doctrines of Valdes or Waldo, creator in 1170 of a religious movement called the Poor of Lyons).

Cavaillon is also well-known for its famous melons.  This fruit is celebrated throughout the town with statues, paintings and an annual festival is held every year.

Like many French towns, Cavaillon fiercely promotes and protects its local delicacy: in 1987 a Brotherhood named The Knights of the Order of Cavaillon Melon was founded to this effect.  All melons have to pass stringent quality controls and the majority are consumed locally rather than exported.

Tourism is very active in the Luberon and you will find everything you need to have a perfect holidays.  Cavaillon offers lots of luxurious hotels, B&BS, guest houses or camping for people who prefer to be closer to nature.  Hiking, biking, horse riding, swimming for the sportive, lounging on deckchairs, visiting market and museums for a more relaxing approach.

Yves Delorme loves new places to discover and wants to share them with you so below are listed some excursions to be done:

The Hill of Saint-Jacques

The Hill of St. Jacques is in the heart of the city.  It is a long hard climb up but the view from the top of the hill is fantastic.  You can see as far as Mont Ventoux which looked like snow clad when in fact it is bare white limestone.  You can also see the plains of Apt and the Alpilles.

Hotel d’Agar

In the heart of Cavaillon the hotel d’Agar is built, like Saint Veran cathedral nearby, on the ruins of the Roman city.  The hotel dates from the 12th century and has many outstanding features:  octagonal Gothic tower with its spiral staircase and its gargoyles, 16th and 17th century’s rooms decorated with painted ceilings, small façade Louis XIV overlooking the square Cabassole.

Additionally, the Hotel has a wonderful garden, full of many treasures and filled with beautiful flowers.

The arch of Cavaillon is located on the Place du Clos at the foot of the Saint Jacques hill overlooking the city center and is a vestige of an unidentified Roman building of the first century AD.  In the Middle Ages this relic was integrated in the episcopal palace.   The episcopal palace was sold in 1793 and then destroyed in the following decades.  The arch was dismantled and transported to the main square of the town where it is today.

The Synagogue

The Synagogue of Cavaillon is located in rue Hebraïque and was built by the Jews Comtadins of Cavaillon in 1494.  It is France’s oldest Synagogue and one of the most remarkable.  The Synagogue was rebuilt in Provencal Baroque style between 1772 and 1774.  Only the exterior turret hints at the presence of an older building. The prayer room contains colourful panelling, stucco pictures of olive branches, baskets of fruit and ironwork. Various objects relating to Jewish liturgy, such as manuscripts and prayer books are exhibited in the area transformed now into a museum.