Bordeaux, the wine capital, is also called “the sleeping beauty”. City rich on every point, it is absolutely to visit! With lots of charm, it is one of the largest cities of France. The city center, World Heritage of UNESCO, contains architectural treasures, medieval towers to contemporary buildings.

Fond of wine, gastronomy, shows, museums or shopping, there is something for everyone. The popular market of the Capuchins to the shops of St. Catherine Street, the café terraces with wine bars, the beating heart of Aquitaine in Bordeaux! To help you discover this beautiful city, here are 9 main activities to do during a Bordeaux halt.
1. Place de la Bourse and the reflecting pool
Inescapable place of Bordeaux, it is at the center of a pedestrian area with beautiful buildings in the style old town. At night the place is lit to provide a different atmosphere and become even more beautiful. A jewel of the eighteenth century, it is one of the major places in the city that will surprise you with its beauty and architecture. Since 2006, the Place de la Bourse was enhanced by the reflecting pool. Spectacular work, created by landscape architect Michel Corajoud, she alternates extraordinary effects mirror and fog. Metamorphoses make the magical place permanent stage games for children, daydreaming for lovers, strolling refreshing in hot weather, feet in water. Place the most photographed of Bordeaux between Garonne and eighteenth-century façade, the Water Mirror is now part of the contemporary world heritage.

2. The Grand Theatre
Imposing, beautifully restored, the great theater is an emblematic building of the city. It is characterized by beautiful architecture and interiors that amaze visitors at night, it is enhanced by lighting. Located at the epicenter of Bordeaux on the pretty Place Tourny at the end of the famous St. Catherine Street, you can visit the theater with detailed tours with a guide or by going to one of the many performances.

3. The canelé : THE smooth Bordeaux
One of Bordeaux’s culinary specialties is Canelé. This small pastry flavored with rum and vanilla, caramelized on the outside and chewy on the inside will make you tremble the taste buds after a walk in the historic center of Bordeaux. To taste the best canelés, go to the many Baillardran stores that have made it their specialty.

4. Walking on the Pierre Bridge,
The Pierre Bridge, also called Napoleon Bridge, Bordeaux is the first bridge that allowed to cross the Garonne to connect the downtown to the neighborhoods of the right bank. Along with the Grand Theatre or the facade of the Exchange, it is one of the symbol monuments of the city of Bordeaux. In addition to its utility aspect, there is an element of choice in the decor at events such as the river festival or the wine festival. On a regular basis, it is also used as a launching pad for rockets fireworks. Created by Claude Deschamps and inaugurated in 1822, the bridge has 17 arches of stone in the shape of a basket handle, and extends over more than 500 meters.
After watching from the Bordeaux docks, stop in the middle of it for a breathtaking panorama illuminated quays. You can recognize it the Place de la Bourse, Place des Quinconces, the Porte Cailhau and the beautiful facades of the buildings that line the Garonne. The Stone Bridge is an exceptional building even more popular thanks to the illuminations at night, a moment of pure relaxation after a busy day

5. The market Capuchin
Popular market in the heart of Bordeaux, it is not a market like any other. Responsible for men and women stories, succeeding generations to sell quality products from the region but also the world, the Capuchin market is firmly entrenched in the history of Bordeaux. At 80 exhibitors, very pleasant and willing to give sound advice to sublimate products, there reigns a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Nicknamed “Capu” or “the belly of Bordeaux,” the Capuchin is a market institution in Bordeaux to visit.

6. A walk in the Jardin Public
Created in 1746, this public French garden is classified as “Remarkable Garden of France”. , A haven of peace, its 11 hectares will allow everyone to have a good time in the green. You can, for example, relax in the former botanical garden, the cozy restaurant Orangerie bar or just hang out on the many lawns in the park. Children can also enjoy through the many spaces and playgrounds offered by the park.

7. Cross the Quinconces Place
Located a few blocks from the Yves Delorme shop (6, rue Michel Montaigne), the Quinconces Place is the biggest square in the city center of Bordeaux and date of the nineteenth century. With an area of 12 hectares, it holds the title of largest square in France and even Europe, making it a prime location for events such as concerts or events. Place also has a monument to the Girondins, also called “horse of the Girondins,” it is a fountain with several sculptures and topped with a 54m column of the Angel of Liberty breaking his irons.

8. Stroll in the Saint Pierre neighborhood
The Saint Pierre quarter is the historic heart of the “sleeping beauty”. You can stroll through its old picturesque streets and stop for a gourmet break, or refreshing, in the many restaurants and wine bars that the district offers. We advise you to go to Porte Cailhau and enjoy the surroundings to make beautiful pictures; you can also stop at “The Red Line” charming little wine bar where you can taste the wines of Bordeaux, but also of the world around beautiful plates of cold cuts

9. Visit the Cathedral Saint André Pey Berland and tower
Architecture lovers, please go to the Cathedral of Saint André! It is part of the list of historic monuments and is a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1998. Located on a beautiful pedestrian square, next to the Bordeaux city hall, this majestic cathedral striking exterior and has a very nice entrance north side, the arrows. After seeing its field, enter and let yourself go. You can admire its beautiful stained glass windows, its huge organ, ranked among the largest in France, and simply enormous inside!
You want more? So good weather, we recommend climbing the 230 steps of the tower Pey Berland. This rises to 66 meters and dominates the Place Pey Berland, you can enjoy the breathtaking panoramic view of the historic center of Bordeaux, roofs and monuments but also the intricacies of the Garonne.